Digital X-Rays

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Committed to offering his patients the safest and most advanced technology, Dr. Daniel Kyu Yang uses digital X-rays at his practice, Sugarfree Dental, located in the Koreatown/East Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. Digital X-rays can detect virtually any dental problem faster, safer, and with greater accuracy than traditional X-rays.

Digital X-Rays Q & A

What are digital dental X-rays?

A digital X-ray is a picture of a patient’s teeth, mouth, and jaw that is taken using small sensors instead of film or negatives. Dr. Yang’s digital X-ray machine offers many advantages over old-school film X-rays. For starters, these pictures are instantaneous which allows him to immediately review the results and address the dental problem observed. Digital X-rays can also be saved on a computer for future reference and comparison, as well as, be magnified to reveal greater detail.

What can a digital X-ray show?

Digital X-rays provide significantly greater detail than traditional X-rays that are printed on photographic film. They can be digitally enhanced (including brightness and contrast) and show over 200 shades of grey versus only the 25 shades of conventional X-rays. This digital technology enables Dr. Yang to see even the tiniest of cavities or imperfections, periodontal disease, cysts, abscesses, damaged fillings, and bone abnormalities.

Are digital X-rays safer than traditional X-rays?

Absolutely. Digital X-rays use about 70% less radiation than traditional X-rays. Even so, Dr. Yang doesn’t recommend pregnant patients have X-rays of any kind. Digital X-rays are also safer for the environment, since they don’t require chemicals to develop the images.

When are X-rays recommended?

A full set of digital X-rays is typically taken every two to three years when you visit Dr. Yang for your yearly dental checkup. However, should you experience chronic pain in one or more of your teeth or in your jaw, Dr. Yang will likely order additional X-rays to diagnose the problem. Dental X-rays are also vital when planning dental work such as root canals. The low radiation digital dental X-rays ensure that Dr. Yang can offer the highest quality of dental care. Call or book a consultation online to learn more about digital X-rays and Dr. Yang’s commitment to optimal dental care.